XANA™ is currently carrying out two clinical trials with the goal to obtain in the future both CE & FDA Certification using auricular vagus nerve stimulation.


Chronic insomnia is highly prevalent and affects over 30% of the general population.

Insomnia impairs cognitive and physical functioning and is associated with a wide range of impaired daytime functions across several emotional, social, and physical domains.

Currently, we are conducting a clinical Proof of Concept (POC) and will be starting a multicentric pivotal clinical trial in 2024.

This research is being coordinated by Dr. Iñaki Gurtubay, Head of the Sleep Unit at, the University Hospital of Navarra, Spain.


It’s demonstrated that use of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) increases the plasticity of our brain. So, pairing VNS with in-clinic physical therapy, generates two to three times more limb function for stroke survivors.

Currently, there are several invasive therapies stimulation the vagus nerve to treat this condition. The aim of XANA™ will be to create non-invasive techniques with a similar efficacy compared to the surgical options.

This research is being carried out in collaboration with the European Neuroscience Center, located in Madrid. 

In addition, we are planning to conduct another clinical trial in a near future.


Depression is a growing problem everywhere, and one of the most important public health issues today, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Unfortunately, front-line treatments for depression, such as psychotherapy and medication, remain ineffective for a large portion of patients receiving care.

Neurostimulation could be an effective option to treat Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is a subset of Major Depressive Disorder which does not respond to traditional and first-line therapeutic options.

XANA™ is committed to the improvement of patients suffering from this pathology by developing new neurostimulation therapies, mainly modulating the activity of the vagus nerve.


Chronic or persistent pain is pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks, or beyond the natural healing time. Chronic pain is the leading cause of morbidity in the world and is strongly associated with physical and psychological disabilities. Currently, our society is facing a double crisis: opioid addiction and unrelieved pain. 

Neurostimulation works by altering pain signals as they travel to the brain. We are planning to test the use of electrical and mechanical stimulation of several peripheral nerves such as vagus, trigeminal and occipital nerve to treat several conditions such as migraine, fibromyalgia, cancer pain and muscle pain, among others.


Tinnitus is a phantom sensation of sound, which can have a negative impact on quality of life of those affected. No curative treatments are currently known. Neuromodulation by vagus nerve stimulation has emerged as a new treatment option for tinnitus.

Our aim is to develop neurostimulation system to increase the quality of life of these patients, increasing the efficacy of sound therapies and their level of the stress.


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